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Hi Royalty, My Name is Nicole M.J Beaudry. I love Fashion, art, writting poems, exploring nature and being creative. I also enjoy photography as well, though most of the time i find myself infront of the lens. Have you  ever wondered what happens when fashion and creative style are combined? What if you used your wildest ideas to create some awesome, fun pictures that reflects your personality and/or your personal style? I'm not talking about editing skills with special effects, because i have none of those, but just using props, and what is around you to make a picture more alive. That "waow" effect? That's what i'm looking for whenever someone looks at my pictures. I want you to be able to tell a story when you look at my photos. Whatever the story, you create it, you make it come alive, you translate it, but whatever you do, do not allow yourself to be bored by it.

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